Delightful Kotor, Montenegro

Monday, Sept. 26th – We arrive in Kotor, Montenegro and what a delight it was to visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town is located in an inlet surrounded by mountains. Kotor is the old maritime center of Montenegro, full of monuments, shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. There is a city wall you can walk but today we didn’t do that much walking. Liz, Susan and I saw the Grgurina Palace, a Baroque palace dating to the 18th century. We had a coffee and wandered the cobble stoned narrow streets. No cars are allowed in the old town. We passed a beauty shop and Susan went in and got a great hair cut as Liz and I shopped around. We saw the clock tower which is the most recognized landmark in the city situated opposite the main gates. The most interesting thing about Kotor was all the cats. The town has 100′s of cats and they roam freely throughout the Old Town. We really enjoyed visiting Kotor.

One thought on “Delightful Kotor, Montenegro

  1. Awww….beautiful Montenegro! Memories of our time there with Susan last year, sounds wonderful. Enjoy your time off the ship…safe travels.

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