Dubrovnik, Croatia

Sunday, Sept. 25th – Finally I get to see Dubrovnik. The Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is a completely walled city. Susan and I walked the narrow cobblestone streets and visited the Synagogue, Europe’s second oldest Sephardic synagogue. Then we continued on and visited several churches. The Church of St. Blaise is a Baroque church built in 1728. We also saw the closter of the Franciscan Monastery build in 1317 but the construction took centuries. The Monastery was built in 1368. We had a wonderful lunch in a great restaurant and met four ladies from Chile. Susan had a great time speaking Spanish to them. They were a group of six on the cruise. WE continued to walk around the city and saw a pharmacy that dates from 1317 and is the third oldest still functioning pharmacy in the world. We bought tickets and rode up the hill and had a fabulous view of the entire walled city. We had to walk up and up and up and it almost did me in. We went back to the ship and I laid down and put ice on my swollen foot but it was all worth while.

One thought on “Dubrovnik, Croatia

  1. Dubrovnik, beautiful Dubrovnik! No doubt the long walk up the hill and the swollen foot were worth every step, but seriously ladies, take it easy or the only thing you’ll be living up to in the title of your blog is “New Wanderings!”

    Keep charging forward, so happily jealous of your many adventures. We love you both. Stay safe…

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