Another Day in Wurzburg

Wurzburg has 64 churches and 400 wine taverns and I won’t be able to see them all but today we saw a few.  We walked to the Wurzburg Residence and Court Garden.  The Residence took 60 years to complete from 1720-1780.  This is the former residence of Wurzburg Prince – Bishops.  MVIMG_20190615_121440 MVIMG_20190615_121512 MVIMG_20190615_121808 MVIMG_20190615_134934 (2) MVIMG_20190615_135057 MVIMG_20190615_135200 (2) MVIMG_20190615_135903 MVIMG_20190615_140345 (2) MVIMG_20190615_140428 MVIMG_20190615_140543 MVIMG_20190615_144618 MVIMG_20190615_145221 MVIMG_20190615_145649We were not allowed to take pictures inside.  The interior had rooms that were so opulent a picture could hardly do it justice.  In the Court Garden we went into a chapel and I got a few pictures.  Then we rode a bus up the mountain to the Marienberg Fortress.  I got a few great pictures of the city.  Then we came home and rested before thinking about dinner.

3 thoughts on “Another Day in Wurzburg

  1. It’s nice to see these photos. When we were there, we were so jet-lagged from the flight and driving from Frankfurt I don’t remember a thing about it. So – how many of those 400 wine taverns did you hit?

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