Another Day in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

We arrived here during a four day festival called Whitsun Festival.  Men, women and children are dressed in medieval costumes.  The men march around town playing marching music, singing and displaying weapons.  We were having lunch in a restaurant named Baumeisterhaus (built in 1596) when a group walked in marching and singing.  Then they sat down for lunch.  We also walked most of the morning walking the wall.  Susan went to the very top and took a picture.  I waited as I knew the stairs were to much for my knees.  When she came back she was exhausted but she got a great picture.  We went to a store called Kathe Wohlfahrt’s which is a year round Christmas village.  It was phenomenal.  I read about a quilt store I want to go to but it is closed on Monday.  We will go tomorrow.IMG_20190610_101802 IMG_20190610_104401 (2) IMG_20190610_104426 (2) IMG_20190610_104436 IMG_20190610_104525 IMG_20190610_110646 IMG_20190610_111903 IMG_20190610_123731 (2) IMG_20190610_184711 IMG_20190610_194418 (2)

5 thoughts on “Another Day in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

  1. So you’re back in Germany already. You must have been in the same Christmas shop that I was in when? forty years ago! Can’t believe that. I reckon you sleep pretty well at night.

    • And I was there 32 years ago, Mary Ellen. Things were expensive even then, but I found a couple of reasonable tree ornaments I’ve used ever since.

  2. Elaine, What fun to be there during the festival! Everything looks just the same. I have the same pictures, of the town minus the great festival photos you took.

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