A Beautiful Day

We spent last night in Lorrach, Germany because we saw a castle and Susan had been driving all day.  Today we drove to Rothenburg ob der Tauber.  The entire drive was gorgeous with beautiful green forest and hills, farmland and cows everywhere and lots of vineyards.  Rothenburg  ob der Tauber is a medieval city with massive stone walls studded with 42 towers.  It has cobblestone streets and red-tiled roofs.  Enjoy the pictures.IMG_20190609_092215 IMG_20190609_092253 IMG_20190609_092454 IMG_20190609_092839 IMG_20190609_195006 IMG_20190609_195100 IMG_20190609_195410 IMG_20190609_195433 IMG_20190609_195832 IMG_20190609_195929 IMG_20190609_200133

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