About Us

We are energetic, adventurous, vibrant women who met and became friends playing golf at the Morro Bay Golf Course.  We discovered that, in addition to being fabulous golfers, we all loved to travel.

We recently lost one of our wanderers, Barbara, who passed away in 2014.  We were fortunate to have taken two wonderful trips with her and know she would want us to continue our wanderings.

Our next trip abroad will find six old broads over 70 years of age – two, in fact pushing 80, and one younger wanderer who is Lola’s daughter.

We are:

Lola is our bargainer, negotiator and inspector.  She loves meeting people and makes friends wherever we go.  She enlivens the conversations with the locals asking questions about their social, economic and political atmospheres.  Barbara forbade her to ask any political questions when we were in the heart of Basque country a few years ago.

Susan is the driver and can navigate the narrowest of streets without fear in big cities and little villages.  She is also our linguist as she speaks a little French, Italian, German and Spanish and can order beer in Polish.

Elaine navigates when we are on the road and helps Lola inspect and bargain for accommodations.  She’s an enthusiastic traveler and enjoys going to all the cathedrals, museums and beautiful places.  She is also the person who is doing the blogging and photography.

New to our group as travelers but not as friends are:

Shirley, who is even tempered and will probably be the keeper of our sanity if not her own.

Patt, who has a terrific sense of humor and keeps us all smiling and knows lots of stuff.

Liz, who is a novice traveler as this will be her first trip out of the United States, is loads of fun, a very kind person and is looking forward to this new adventure.

Lola’s daughter, is the youngster of the group.  She will add much to the group as she is more talented with today’s technology, is a knowledgeable traveler and enjoys finding great restaurants and excellent wine.


17 thoughts on “About Us

  1. What a happy group of travelers! I look forward to following your travels through the blog. What a great idea. Don’t forget to post the link to your post on Facebook. I don’t want to miss a thing!! Enjoy your trip.

  2. Can’t wait to follow your new adventure. The world is waiting, so spread your Central Coast charm & have too much fun. Carol

  3. I will be following your blog for the next 5 weeks. Bon Voyage ladies. Happy Travels! P.S. Post some pics of your yummy food. My mouth is watering thinking about the food you get to eat : )

  4. Have fun and enjoy! I think you already know, we made a fine showing at Chalk today. We will carry your names to glory at Marshallia!!! I am truly looking forward to all of your updates and pic’s describing your adventure. You go gals!!!

  5. Wow, what a beautiful group of women! We can’t wait to follow you through the gorgeous streets of Europe and virtually taste the fine wines you will enjoying together in friendship. Ciao my dear Aunt and comrads, be safe and wise.

    God speed…
    Julie and Cheryl

  6. Thanks for all your comments and good wishes for our trip. We’ll be happy to get to Paris and have the stress and rigors of flying behind us. Then we can laissez les bon temps roulez! I know my spelling was off, but it means let the good times roll.

    • Bonsoir Ladies,

      I’m very happy to know you, in the hotel “Aragon”.
      It’s been a pleasure to chat with you , you are very energic and awesome.
      I wish to see you all in St Bruno ( the town I created ) lol

  7. Great seeing your adventures. Seems like there was a lot of wine being consumed. That’s a good thing!

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