Ah, Venice

Tuesday. Sept 27th – Arrived in Venice around noon and went by vaporetto to San Marcos Square. There were thousands of people there and a very long line to go inside the church so we chose not to go inside the church. Instead we walked around and found a good restaurant to have lunch. Then we continued walking around and decided to have a gondola ride but only six could go. Lola said she would wait for us and so the rest of us rode the gondola. We saw the house Marco Polo lived in and also where Casanova lived. WE rode out to the San Marco Canal and back into the narrow canals of the city. After the gondola ride we decided to come back to the ship. Tomorrow we leave the ship and fly to Bari, Italy and pick up our car rentals. Then Susan and I will spend four nights in Alberobello, Italy which has Wi-Fi and hopefully I will be able to post some pictures. The other five old broads will go to Rome after spending one night in Alberobello. This is my last post from the ship and I have enjoyed posting our adventures and I hope you have enjoyed reading about them. Pictures would make it more exciting so I hope to post them from Alberobello.

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