Our Night in a Trulli House






IMG_6705I had rented a trulli house for 4 nights but after one night we decided that we were to old to stay in the trulli house. It was very lovely, out in the country but farm land all around. If we had been 20 years younger we would have stayed but we had to sleep downstairs as the bedroom was a climb on a ladder up into a narrow space and I didn’t think that would work for us, or certainly for me so we slept on a fold out bed and was miserable all night. In the morning Susan said she could not stay there another night so we called the lady we rented from and explained we were to old to stay there. The house was out in the country and difficult for us to find especially at night. She was very understanding and gave us back our deposit. We went to the hotel the rest of the old broads were staying at and explained that we had checked out and were hitting the road for unknown adventures. We drove to Matera and could not find a hotel. We drove to Altamura and found a lovely hotel, Hotel San Nicola only we couldn’t find it even with GPS so we got out and walked to the hotel. A nice young man went with Susan to get our car and drove it for us back to the hotel. We checked in and found we had a lovely room with a huge bathroom and Wi-Fi. We then went to lunch at Restaurant Peccati and drank quite a bit of wine. We walked to the duomo but it was closed so we came back to our room and are resting and taking baths. It was a fun day even though we never got to see Matera. Maybe tomorrow. The rest of the old broads are flying from Bari to Rome to spend a few days.

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