Colmar has turned out to be a charming old town.  Houses are still standing that were built in 1419.  It is hard to imagine that.   The American and British military were careful not to bomb the half-timbered old burghers’ houses, characteristic red and green tiled roofs, and cobbled lanes of Alsace’s most beautiful city.

We had breakfast this morning and then walked all around the old town of Colmar.  When we left the hotel we told Lola and Barbara, who were still eating breakfast, that we would meet them where you catch the little tourist train but when we got there they weren’t there so we got on and rode around the old town.  Then we got off and walked around more and decided to stop and buy some wine so we could use a toilet.  As we sat there enjoying our wine another tourist train drove by and there were Lola and Barbara waving at us.  Lola yelled for us to wait there for them and we did.  When they arrived back we ordered lunch and continued to walk around the town.  It was a very good day.

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