Renting a Car

As we have been driving around France we have discussed the possibility that we may have to return the car in Paris a couple of hours late and we were worried that there might be a big charge if we did that.  Lola has tried and tried to call the Europcar dealership in Paris many, many, many times.  No one ever has answered.  She has called the company in the U. S. and they say she must deal with the dealership in Paris.  It has been extremely frustrating for Lola and all of us.  When we were in Annecy we found a Europcar company and we all went in to see what they could do for us.  The answer is nothing.  Even the gal working there tried to call the Paris office and no one answered.  Lola asked what would happen if we turned it in a few hours late and the girl couldn’t tell us.  Then Lola asked what would it cost to keep the car one more day.  Would you believe $1,700.00?  We thought about it for about one second and say, “NO.”  Anyway, it was very exasperating trying to deal with this car rental company.  We will just return to Paris one day earlier than planned so we can turn the car in on time.

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