Incrediable Views

Tuesday, September 20th – We arrived in Santorini, Greece to a fabulous view of the ruggedly beautiful island. Santorini boasts of pitch-black beaches and white washed cliffs. The island owes it dramatic landscape to one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history. In approximately 1600 B. C. the volcano that made up the island erupted creating the great bay. It was hard to believe that a village could be built on the cliffs. Liz, Susan and I took a panoramic tour of the island. The views were incredible. We visited the Santos Winery and tasted three wines and had appetizers. I bought 2 bottles of wine. Then we drove to Oia, a beautiful village. I bought three t-shirts. There are over 500 churches on the island. Orthodox churches have a beautiful blue dome. It was a lovely day.

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