Cinderella in Paris

Today we spent our last day in Paris, France.  It was raining but this wasn’t about to stop us from spending a wonderful day in Paris.  We bought a ticket called Paris Visite and it worked everywhere we went.  First we went to Sacre Coeur and it is to bad it was raining because we had the whole of Paris before us but we couldn’t see it.  We walked around the area and then headed for new adventures.  We took the Metro to Rue Cler and had a nice lunch.  Then we walked and walked and walked.  As we were walking be passed a patisserie and bought 3 coffee religieuse and one chocolate eclair.  That will be our dinner tonight plus wine, Pringles and corn nuts.  We walked to the famous restaurant Hemmingway hung out at called Deux Maggots and sat outside and drank a cup of coffee.  Then we decided it was time to head back to our hotel so we got back on the Metro.   We were changing trains and in the rush of people getting off and people getting on the train someone stepped on Lola’s shoe and her shoe fell between the platform and the train.   There was nothing to do but sit down and laugh about it.  Lola sat next to a nice young man who said she was Cinderella in Paris.  He also said he hoped she would find her Prince Charming.  How French is that?

2 thoughts on “Cinderella in Paris

  1. Oh Lola, what a wonderful story! I’ll forever think of you as Cinderella in Paris…and happily, it happened at the end of the trip rather than at the beginning – and that it was only a shoe, and not you.

  2. I too loved your story Lola. Our Cinderella in Paris! I’ve loved all your stories and Susan your description of Paris and the sights was beautiful. I could almost taste the yummy eclair, and the smells of Paris. Can’t wait to see all the beautiful photos and hear more stories. Travel safe on the way home. Carol

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