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In two days we’ll be home.  I’ll be glad to see my kitties and get back to playing golf.  But once I’m home, I won’t be able to step out onto cobblestone streets, some so narrow you can almost touch the houses on both sides.  I won’t be able to walk into magnificent cathedrals, stroll past buildings that are hundreds of years old, still lived in by the same family, see castles on hills, drive on the D roads and wonder about the lives of the people I pass by.  I’ll miss the many greens of the grain fields, mixed with the vivid yellow of the mustard crops; the lush forests, the rushing rivers, the red poppies, the magpies, the few old 2 cvs that remain.  No more foie gras for me! No more wine.  No more stork nests perched precariously on cathedrals.  One more day to go to Paris and gaze into the windows of the patisseries with their beautiful displays of all kinds of pastries - the religieuse, the eclairs, the baguettes – see Notre Dame and the Eiffle Tower one last time, maybe walk up Montmartre to Sacre Coeur and look down on the city. It’s been a great trip, full of wonderous sights and fun happenings.

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  1. I hope you make it to Sacre Coeur just about noon or a little before. When we were there in 2001 a group of nuns were singing and I thought if I ever wondered what angels sounded like when they sang now I knew. Just the thought of it still gives me chills. I don’t know if it was a special day or if they did it every day, but it was awesome. Have you been to Sainte Chapelle or St. Etienne du Mont yet? I know you’ve seen a lot of churchs and cathedrals, but these two are jawdroping….especially the windows of Sainte Chapelle. I’ve really enjoyed your blog and photos. Barbara, I’ll call you next week. Jane

    • Jane, we’re going to drag Barbara’s butt up there in spite of the rainy day. Elaine and I have been to Ste. Chapelle and agree that it is spectacular. We’ll try to drag Barbara’s butt there, too. If I’ve seen St. Etienne du Mont, it was so long ago that I don’t remember it so we’ll drag her ther, too, while we’re on the mont. Susan

  2. Wow, Aunt Susan and Elaine…. I can’t believe your trip is almost over. In two days you will be back to your kitties, the beautiful Pacific Ocean, the feel of socked in fog, the sounds of birds chirping and waves crashing. You will be standing on the course in Morro Bay and saying to yourself “I’m retired and this is my great life.” In two days you will be back in America, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, where our Stars and Stripes flap in the wind leaving that everlasting feeling of pride… We as your family can’t wait to have you back and in two days we will know your safe and can call you for less than a dollar a minute. AND although you won’t be in Europe and you won’t be able to smell the smells and eat the eats.. your stories and everlasting friendships created will live on and we can’t wait to hear all about it…in detail. Enjoy your final day in Paris and take in Sacre Coeur..I love that place! We love, love, love you- Julie, Cheryl and the two most beautiful boys in the world…Rome and Titus

    • You reminded me that it’s easy to see only the beauties of the rest of the world while ignoring all the negatives with the smugness of knowing I’m from the best place on earth and that if push came to shove, America has my back – or at least you do. I did forget to mention, however, how much I enjoyed watching the French children playing, pushing their dolls in buggies, riding the merry go rounds, kicking soccer balls with their friends. Adorable, but nothing close to the two smartest, cutest, funnest little boys I know, Rome and Titus. Your love carries me.

  3. Footnote to Julie’s post: As your trip to Europe comes to a close, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your adventures with us. We, too, have enjoyed the picturesque landscape of rolling hills, city streets, cathedrals, culinary delights, wine by the glass, wine by the bottle, rainy days, sunny days, gray days, windy days, and yes, days where the GARMIN ruled the moment, stairs determined your fortitude and the “star” rating of the hotel determined if you would have a bed or keep driving ahead…

    We are happy to know that you will land on US soil with memories so vivid they will last a lifetime, strangers from chance encounters will now be called your friends and we can breathe a sigh of relief that you are finally home. Safe travels! We love you!!

    Cheryl, Julie & the two most beautiful boys in the world, Rome & Titus!

  4. Beautifully written Susie. The wonder of travel continues to enrich our lives and as long as we still can marvel at all of the beauty, smile at the cultural differences and roll with the punches, we’ll stay eternally young. So come home to all of us who love you, get over jet-lag, enjoy your kittens, play outstanding golf…and start planning your next travel adventure. I can’t wait to see you and compare “war” stories of Europe 2013. Safe journey.

    Much love,

    • Even more beautifully written. We will definitely get together soon. The stories will get better with each retelling. Love from your old friend, Susan.

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