Another Day in France

I haven’t been on for a few days so I have some catching up to do.  Thursday we drove through Sisteron, which has a huge fortress built into a mountain.  Then we stopped in  Grenoble to have lunch and later arrived in the delightful town of Annecy.  It has a river and canals running through the center of old town.  It is a very nice little town and well worth a visit.

The excitement that day was going through a toll and as we pulled up we noticed an elderly couple stuck and unable to get through.  This was not a good omen.  We pulled up to get a ticket and Susan pushed the button and no ticket came out.  Again, panic set in.  Cars were lining up behind us and Susan was pushing every button she could see.  She pushed a button to talk to someone and then a ticket came out.  Like I say, this is France.

I programmed the Garmin to take us to a hotel Rick Steves recommended.  We followed the instructions and ended up on top of a hill at a private entrance gate.  Angry, frustrated and exhausted we drove around and finally found a ****Best Western.  Who cares what it costs?  When in doubt go with what you know.

Barbara wants me to let you all know that one day we stopped to have lunch in a tiny little town.  There were lots of trucks parked there so we felt it would be a good restaurant.  It was okay but when we asked where the bathroom was the proprietor told us it wasn’t working so they had no bathroom.

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