Tooling Around in Provence

Today started with a great breakfast in Hotel Le Mas des Romarins.  Everyone in the room was American and that’s the first time that has happened.  Three men were dressed in bicycling gear.  They were biking through Provence.  They were planning to bike 41 miles today.

Susan and I were enjoying our breakfast and Lola joined us and then Barbara arrived.  As she was sitting down she said, “Something bit me.”  We looked at her hand and it was already turning red and you could see a bite.  Susan went to the room and got a benedryl and polysporin to put on her hand.  Then Barbara noticed the wasp on the floor and Susan stomped on it.  Dr. Susie saved the day.

We drove through the following towns: Menerbes, Bonnieux, Lourmaran, Vangines, Cacuron and Ansouis.  It was a lovely drive.  We headed toward Manosoue and on the way we saw a golf course that had a restaurant.  That sounded great to all of us so off we went.,  It was Golf du Luberon.  We had a very nice lunch (fettuccini with carbonera) and visited the pro shop.  The man in the pro shop told us he had been to San Diego (Torrey Pines) and Las Vegas.  He was happy to visit with us and gave us bag tags.  We arrived in Manosoue and are spending the night.  Susan, Lola and I walked to the old town and I took pictures.

One thought on “Tooling Around in Provence

  1. I hope that Lola and Barbara enjoyed this route as much as we did when you, Susie, Rod and I visited all of these places. I woke up this morning wondering if Susie finally has succumbed to the temptation to bring home a deux chevaux; if she has, dibs on one of the first rides. :) ( I’d love to have one myself; there are several tooling around Carmel)) How nice that you have souvenir bag tags!

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