Luberon in Provence

This morning Susan woke up and went outside the hotel to smoke.  As she was walking around the plaza a pigeon shat on her arm.  Not really a good way to start the day.  We had a great breakfast at the Hotel Forum and got in the car and headed east toward Avignon.  We arrived in Avignon and parked under the Pope’s Palace.  We took the elevator up and walked out into a beautiful plaza with the Pope’s Palace right there.  We saw one of the little tourist trains getting ready to leave so we hopped on.  It was the best 7 Euros we have spent on this trip as we rode around the village and saw the major sights.  We walked around and then back into the car to drive further east.  We drove to Roussillon and couldn’t find a place to park or the hotels Rick Steve’s recommended so we drove toward Joucas looking for a hotel.  We ended up driving to Gordes and staying at a ***Hotel called Le Mas des Romarins.  We went into Gordes and bought 3 bottles of wine, went to the patisserie and bought sandwiches on baguettes and three chocolate eclairs and some weird nut thing Barbara bought for desset.  We then  returned to our hotel and sat on the patio and drank our wine, ate our sandwiches and dessert.  We could stand up and see the ancient village of Gordes, drink wine, and enjoy the company.  We decided that life was good.

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