Chinon Adventure

Today we moved to the Hotel de France, a Best Western Hotel.  It is a much better hotel.  While we waited to check in we drove up to the Fortresse Royale de Chinon which was begun in the 15th century.  Despite the rain we toured the entire fortress and visited the Royal Quarters and towers.  Then Lola and Barbara rode a free lift down to our hotel and I stayed with Susan to drive back down the hill.  This was about the scariest ride I have ever been on as the street kept getting narrower and narrower.  We had to pull in the side mirrors at one point.  Another car was coming up and he had to back up as we inched (and I mean inched) forward.  Another car came and he had to back up too because there was no way we could back up to let him through.  I saw the end of the road and it appeared so narrow I just knew we wouldn’t get through.  I had visions of a crane lifting us out or having to take the car apart but none of these things happened and we finally arrived home safely.  Then we had another fabulous lunch, toured a church, went to a Cave (wine tasting) and then looked in the windows of all the little shops.  It was a good day even though it was a rainy day in Loire Region.

One thought on “Chinon Adventure

  1. Good job Susan. You can drive for me any day! You guys are really adventurous, but what fun. Love the photos too. Carol

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