A Lovely Three Days

I’m sorry to have taken so long to get back but somehow I logged off my blog and couldn’t remember my password and so last night I texted Zach and he texted back my password and I’m back in business. 

We spent a lovely two days at a wonderful hotel called Hotel Manoir de Rigourdaine outside Dinan.  The innkeeper was a lovely man and very helpful.  We visited Dinan and St. Malo. In Dinan we visited the Basilique Saint-Sauver built in the 12th century.  We had lunch at a nice restaurant and had galettes, which are buckwheat pancakes. Barbara and Lola enjoyed them alot.  St. Malo was destroyed by the Germans during WWII.  Over 80 percent of the city had to be rebuilt. We had two lovely dinners at a restaurant called Le Cale and had a wonderful young waiter named Clement.  After dinner he bought us an after dinner drink: run and vanilla.  It was fabulous. 

Now we are in a town called Chinon.  We don’t like our hotel so it looks like we are moving.

9 thoughts on “A Lovely Three Days

  1. With respect to forgotten passwords……….perhaps a little less wine before you try to log on……..hee hee lots of love and keep drinking

  2. Beautiful area, we stayed in a farmhouse in Villers Bocage, I am sure you have already tried the Calvados there. We had it for breakfast,
    pretty early to be drinking hard cider. Hope we get a chance to catch up on your travels during the reunion.

  3. Thanks for your visit at la cale, that’s make me feel very happy, i’m going to see you maybe next year, very great meeting, enjoy your road trip ladies and i was very nice to meet you. See you soon for an other bottom up ! (Dry ass for suzan )


    • Mon cher Clement,

      Nous avons adoree faire votre connaisance. Nous esperons te voir bientot en Californie. Nous t’apprendrons a jouer a golf et nous t’aiderons a trouver un job. Ne nous oublie pas.

      tes amie,


  4. We are definitely seeing a side to France (through your adventure) that has us wanting to see more…great work on bringing it to life for us! The narrative and pictures have been absolutely fabulous!

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