A Windy, Rainy, Cold Day

We started the day in sunny Honfleur and packed up and headed to Mt. Saint Michel.  We arrived and it was windy, rainy and cold.  We parked the car and walked to the Information Office only to discover  that we had a long, long walk to get to a shuttle bus.  The lady at the Information Office said it was an eight minute walk.  Okay.  You try walking in the cold wind and rain for eight minutes; not an easy feat.  We rode the bus as far as it would take us and then we had to walk even further in the cold, wind and rain.  At this point I realized what a hard job it is to be a tourist.  Here we are at the most famous beautiful place in France and we had to walk approximately 20 minutes in the wind and rain to get to the entrance.  We had lunch in a little restaurant and the rain had stopped so we continued.  This was a big walk up many, many stairs.  We quickly realized there was no way Barbara could walk up the stairs and Susan stayed back with Barbara and Lola continued up the countless stairs.  I decided to wait for Barbara and Susan and then a huge group of tourists passed and after they passed I couldn’t see Barbara or Susan or Lola.  OMG.  I am alone.  So, I just continued up the endless stairs (over 100 steps of endless sizes).  I paused several times.  I reached a plateau and there Lola was.  She said we had another 100 steps to go: no hand rails and people everywhere.  “A woman knows her limitations.”  So, we turned around and headed back down.  Now we had to take the long, long walk back to our car.  We went to the Information Office and we could not find our parking ticket.  We can’t leave until we find it.  So, we went back to the car to look for the ticket.  After a frantic search we found the ticket in my purse.  Lola walked back to pay the 3 Euro fee only to find out it was 3 Euros an hour so we owed 8.5 Euros.  Thank goodness she had taken extra money with her.  The lady at the Information Office said we had to find the ticket to get out and we asked what would happen if we couldn’t find it and she asked if we could cook as we couldn’t leave.  I really think she was joking but Lola told her we don’t cook anymore.  We are now in our warm room drinking wine and talking about dinner.

4 thoughts on “A Windy, Rainy, Cold Day

  1. Now that I know about Mont St. Michel and the endless steps to get there, I know I would have never made it either. Guess I can cross it off my bucket list.

  2. I loved Mt. St. Michel. Did you pose with the wings? Anyway, I am laughing out loud at you guys and wishing we were there!!!

    If you ever need a recommendation, let me know!!

    p.s. golf sucks. It was count your putts today so i proceeded to 4 putt once and three putt about a gazillion times today. Worst day of golf life, I’m sure.

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