Oberstdorf and Beyond

We spent two nights in Oberstdorf and Susan was very disappointed as it has grown so much and had so many people there that it had lost its small village charm.  Our last night there we were at dinner and all at once there was a tremendous thunderstorm with a downpour of rain and hail.  It lasted quite a while and of course our umbrellas were in the car.  We chatted with the Germans sitting at our table then we had dinner and during a lull we rushed back to our hotel.  We missed seeing the cows coming home from the pastures.  The good news:  we asked the man at the hotel where a laundry mat was and he said they could wash our clothes.  We gave him our dirty clothes and went to bed.  In the morning we asked for our laundry and the lady working breakfast didn’t know what we were talking about.  Susan went with her to the laundry room and got our clothes.  The lady didn’t know what to charge us so it was free.  We left and started our drive to Italy and the Garmin directed us to a road which was closed.  Susan decided to go to France instead and after 6 hours of driving we are at a Best Western in Chambery, France.  The pictures posted IMG_20190601_190704 (2) IMG_20190602_142658 IMG_20190602_142725 IMG_20190602_142804 IMG_20190602_142950 IMG_20190602_143048 IMG_20190602_144643 IMG_20190602_203552 IMG_20190603_170403 IMG_20190603_170419show a WWI and WWII memorial for the men from Oberstdorf who died in the wars.  I only took a picture of one panel of names as there were several panels.  Then on our walk back to the hotel we posed with the Wilde-Mannle of Oberstdorf.


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