No Place Like Worms

First of all there was no place to park in Worms.  Also if was Germany’s Fathers Day and most stores were closed.  In Worms we visited a Luther monument dedicated to the Reformation.  It had a large statue of Martin Luther and four previous reformers in a park where we sat and drank a glass of wine.  We also visited Wormser Dom which is located on the highest point of the inner city of Worms.  The original building was consecrated in 1110 and mostly finished by 1181.  In 1521the Diet of Worms declared Martin Luther a heretic.  We are now in Speyer and will spend two or three nights here.

2 thoughts on “No Place Like Worms

  1. Hey, just catching up to your trip, so sorry it has been a bit…still working out of town and drowning. With that, the inner city of Worms sounds interesting and historic. I hope you enjoyed your time there. We miss you here!

  2. Julie showed me the picture so this experience, sounds so amazing and the castle was beautiful from this end, both in day and night. I hope you two are well and enjoying your time in Germany. Kiss & Hugs. Be safe.

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