Home At Last

Our flight home was not fun. Twelve hours in an airplane just wears a person out and we were both exhausted when we arrived in LA. Plus, if I hadn’t been 35,000 feet in the air I would have refused the food they served us and left. I couldn’t even identify some of the food served. I even asked the steward what it was. The only good thing is that I did have three glasses of wine. We paid extra for seats with no one in front of us and that was a rip off as people stepped on my feet and the steward cart bumped into me almost every time they went by. I slept very little.
Our wonderful cat sitters were there to pick us up and all we needed were our suitcases. We went to baggage claim and waited and waited and waited. Guess what? They were not there. We spoke to a baggage person at the claim baggage area and he said to look for the Italia baggage person. This person did not exist. Finally another worker said he thought all the baggage had been unloaded so we asked where to go. He said upstairs to continuing flights. We went to the next floor and asked someone else where to go and he said downstairs and we said we had already been there and they had said to come upstairs. We finally went to the Italia counter and told her the problem. A young girl was also there and sobbing. I didn’t understand what had happened to her as I had my own problems. We had arrived at 2:30 and it was now almost 4:00 and our ride was patiently waiting for us. We told the gal that our luggage had not been found and we filled out a form. She said that if it was there fault they would ship them to us and if it was our fault (we missed them at baggage claim) we would have to come back and pick them up. What a crock of bull! I gave her all my phone numbers and she said they would call us that night and let us know if they had been found. Did we get a call? Nope! We didn’t get our luggage in Barcelona and now we didn’t get our luggage in LA. We finally got home around 7:30 p.m.

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