There’s No Place Like Home


This morning in Morro Bay, California.  There really is no place like home.

3 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. Thank you. Thank you all-Barbara for the example of a courageous woman who packed up and went to Europe at 78 (an age when most of corporate America think you no longer count); Lola for the humorous Cinderella tale (and many more untold I am sure); Zach for his techincal expertise that helped share your adventures; but most of all Susan and Elaine. Two women that were always wonderful models for me of what a woman could be, two women (one who was also a former teacher of mine) that I spent years working with and learning from, two women I admired and lost to the world that pulls all of us off to our different journeys. Thank you for sharing all this because it allowed me not only to see and experience vacariously foreign places I would love to visit, but also because it allowed me to spend time with you and remember how much you both meant to me in those crazy days when I was a kooky newlywed over 20 years ago.

    • Oh my goodness JoDee – I just read your comment and how can I say “Thank you for the wonderful words”. Wow. Your words gave me goosepimples. I’m sure Susan hasn’t read it yet but I know she will be overwhelmed too. It isn’t that often in our lives that someone, who was a wonderful part of your life, says those kind of fabulous things about you so thank you so much.

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